Don Cowan LLC offers clients a full range of online auction and liquidation formats, including english auctions, dutch auctions, live webcast auctions, timed-online auctions, sealed bid auctions and fixed price sales. We are members of all leading bidder aggregation services and are not limited to a single bidding technology provider. Other auction firms force a square peg (your equipment) into a round hole (their technology), money can be lost. We carefully match client equipment and disposition needs with the appropriate auction format, bidder aggregation service and liquidation strategy. Our goals are always aligned with our client, superior returns.

Don Cowan LLC has a strategic relationship with Asset Reliance International a leading science and technology equipment valuation firm. Mr. Alex Steele, ASA, President of Asset Reliance International holds the designation of Accredited Senior Appraiser in Machinery and Technical Specialties from the American Society of Appraisers, the most respected professional association in the industry. He has a twenty year history as an expert is the field of science and technology equipment appraisals and is Don Cowan LLC’s appraisal firm of choice.

Orderly Liquidations
An orderly liquidation sale is a 30-90 days negotiated sale of high value equipment targeting the end-user marketplace. The longer selling period allows corporate users time for detailed inspections and the time required for capital expenditure approvals. It also allows the seller time to consider offers, combinations of offers and counter offers. The entire process is managed a dedicated liquidation specialist with the equipment and industry knowledge required to facilitate the sales process. The orderly liquidation sale often precedes the date-certain auction, thereby motivating interested parties to make buying decisions.

DIY Webcast Auction Channel
The DIY Webcast Auction Channel is an innovative new channel of distribution for companies wanting to harness the market dynamics and excitement of a live webcast auction event but do not require a full service solution. Don Cowan LLC provides pre-auction planning and consulting. Clients provide the product, a customer base looking for an exciting sale event, product specifications and photos. Don Cowan LLC loads the product information onto our live webcast bidding platform, registers the prospective bidders, conducts the auction using a professional auctioneer, generates and email invoices to the winning bidders along with payment instructions. Payments are made directly to the client. Client ships the product and everyone wins.

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